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We thought that every time we upgraded it would give us a better variety of locations and flexibility on when we wanted to go somewhere, so we were told. Tell us about your group. RCI for the life of my ownership.

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Bluegreen sales representatives obtained referral names from guests and owners during the sales presentation and before the completion of the sale. But one they could not counter. Big financial disaster for us.

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As a regular practice, Bluegreen also arranged loans for Class Members who purchased timeshares owned by third party developers at Club Associate Resorts. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Please give me that Lawyer info! Check, Card or Finance?

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VC, no civil penalties shall be sought against them or imposed hereunder for any conduct arising prior to the date of the execution of this A VC. Please choose a different rate. BG I did not want the timeshare. In response to their inquiry, the Bluegreen representative told them that it did not matter where the timeshare was located, because the timeshare need not be used at a specific location. For this we had to sit.

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Plaintiff alleges that Bluegreen does not disclose that the timeshare points are an unliquidated asset with no aftermarket, making it impossible for Plaintiff or other owners to resell their Bluegreen timeshares.

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Your preferences have been saved. We bought just like the Miles. We were hoping we could be on that. So why did you go to the presentation? Ask for side B which faces the strip. Let me know how it goes!

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Bluegreen timeshare in Tennessee a few years ago and have now discovered after a few years its almost impossible to use and is impossible to sell after being assured either of these would not be an issue at anytime.

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Class Members as a universal practice and course of conduct was unconscionable in the marketing, sales, contract documents, ownership and use of the timeshare and violated multiple provisions of the law.

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When we finally got a chance to look at live availability, the Bonus Time perk did seem legitimate, with dozens of properties showing availability. Westgate Resorts in Florida. Wish i still worked there. How do I get in on this I want out.

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Depending on your timeshare plan and how often you use it, your timeshare will be like your second home. Cook.

The saleslady would NOT accept no.

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Timeshares can be good deal if you travel often as they offer you luxury accommodations at a fraction of the cost.

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